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When there is no colour, there is only black and white...
Leave the black and white to long, and soon the lights begin to fade...
When the lights start to die, the darkness starts to live...
Living in the darkness is living the nightmare forever...

The only way to escape your nightmare is to colour your dreams...

Colour My World - Release

2009-10-18 22:17:35 by SilverStitch

Well that took forever... =,,=;;
Its been a LONG hard road, but it seems to be paying off! =D
In a short time plenty of people have already loved it. Ngaww, you guys~~ ^,,^

Anyways, I actually have plans to continue, infact I have for quite sometime, but the next one is slightly different and a bit special. It will be a bit more... hmm... well... I guess you will have to find out for yourself when the time comes~~

Enjoi~~ ^,,^
"Explore your dreams, free your world~"

CmW - Progress

2009-08-02 00:32:54 by SilverStitch

For anyone who is curious about how CmW is going, well, slowly... T,,T
Uni and other commitments have taken over quite a lot, but now I am diverting a lot of time to animating, so progress will speed up! =D
Also, I will post some sketches I did for level designs on my deviant art page within 2 weeks, so you should check them out later. =)
Thanks guys~~

My current project is taking too long.
And I have a schedule to keep....

I'm going to start working on the sequel to CmH;
Colour My World

Heres a drawing I did to get you excited.
Remember to always have hope, and never quit. =)

Change of direction, time for CmW

Real World

2009-05-12 09:58:49 by SilverStitch

I found out that my game 'Colour My Heart' has been leaked onto the Internet. Im glad people think its so great, enough so to steal it, but I don't want this... this really has affected how I feel about posting more works...

Speaking of such, I HAVE been working on animating, just Uni makes it hard...but its getting there. Funny how the title of this post can sort-of relate to my next game. ;)

*Hint hint*

2009-04-02 07:00:54 by SilverStitch

"Throughout Newgrounds history, we have been dependent on Flash to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."

Fan Art

2009-03-27 20:02:54 by SilverStitch

This is a thanks to Felipus for the very nice fan art he drew of CmH! Check it out on his deviantart.
Really makes me want to hurry up and keep animating. >,,<;;

Omg...sry... [Delays Ahead]

2009-03-14 20:55:23 by SilverStitch

Stupid Uni is sooo hard.... T,,T
I should have already relased my next game, but instead, its sitting on just over 3/4 completetion...
I should have already started working on a sequel which I had been planning for CmH... but looks like that will take time as well...
Sry everyone =S

Heres a lil screeny to keep u satisfied till I can find a good enough break in my work.

Omg...sry... [Delays Ahead]

Need background music...

2009-03-02 21:11:48 by SilverStitch

Okay, so Im working on my new game, I've re-designed the code removing the glitches, and started work on the game design itself...
Unfortunately, I have a mental block...and have spent the past 3 days looking all over the Audio Portal for a smooth looping jazzy 'with-a-hint-of-techno' song...Ive come across a couple of songs that arn't bad...but some just don't feel right...
I don't know why this is bothering me, I should just work on my game and worry about music later...

Future Works.

2009-02-22 17:22:19 by SilverStitch

I've just been reading over reviews for all my works, and it seems people are thinking rather highly of them. This is pretty awesome, but I realized that works that I produce in the future are going to have to continue to meet up to people's expectations... =S

Unfortunatetly, Im starting Uni (in like 3 hours) so production will slow a lil, but Im still trying to work on more stuff. My next work isn't like my others, conveying emotion and creativity, but do not fret, for I am have already developed concepts for future works of that sort.

I'll post a bit more info about it all when I've gotten further into it. =)