Dev-Diary: Aug16

2016-08-01 01:15:49 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

So just a quick heads up, I'm slowly migrating my posting and updates (including the Developer Diary) over to my website:
Head over there for more complete and frequent updates!

So working on the demo for the engine has been going well, though bugs have popped up now that I'm working outside the developer environment, particularly with physics. However, progress is still being made and bugs are being crushed beneath my boot of coding!

Don't forget, if you want to be a tester for the demo, shoot me a message and I'll add you to the list! :D

All the best,



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2016-08-02 18:59:16

You better make sure you are still coming by here! Newgrounds loved you first, we refuse to break up.

SilverStitch responds:

I would never depart Newgrounds. :)


2016-08-17 18:26:03

Thats nice bro, hope you demo going well always liked your games.

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks! A massive pile of bugs popped up once I left the original dev environment which have delayed me, but they should all be dealt with now which is great! :D