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KC and More

2009-02-15 21:26:48 by SilverStitch

Well, the Killing Collab finally came out. I put my entry in ages ago, not long after Mind's Eye. Its not exactly my style of animating, but it was good for a bit of fun. I think the collab turned out pretty good, but took a lil long...=P
Also, Ive already started work on another game, different from my normal artistic style, but I've also begun brainstroming a sequel for Easter, so I look forward to working on both. =)

Colour my Heart, V1.2

2009-02-14 21:37:11 by SilverStitch

Because you guys loved my work so much, I've updated it and removed a glitch or 2, increased jump height to make things easier AND REMOVED LAG! =D
Give it a day or 2 and the updated file will be replacing the old one.
Enjoi! ^,,^

Colour My Heart

2009-02-14 01:32:13 by SilverStitch

Wow! I released my latest work 'Colour my Heart' and...WOW! Front-page AND Valentine Collection!
So happy! ^,,^
Thanks everyone for your support!


2008-12-18 02:58:29 by SilverStitch

I finally relased my Extension 2 English major work today Cubiquity. Yes, it is an ENGLISH major, so it was made for english purposes...
Anyways, I promised 'cheats' here so:
1) Finish the movie. Easy. =)
2) Press the SS crack in the Rock Door infront of the Imaginative's room.
3) Press the SS crack in the tile of the Controller's room while in top-view.
And yeah, I wish I could have submitted my Multimedia major work as well, but thats 100MB and I don't think I could get that in here. =P
Enjoi ^,,^

Freedom - Person Lost

2008-11-20 07:42:53 by SilverStitch

I made another animation. Done in 2 days. Its an interactive animation, although it had to be categorized as a game.
Freedom - Person Lost
Watch it, enjoy it, learn from it, etc...
Oh yeah, there are a few things lying around in the dark scene, so try and find them all.

Even though I'm mid-exams, I found time to finally make an animation!
Mind's Eye is pretty...umm...crazy...hehe
Anyways, it was a fun experiment and pyschologically traumaitzing, LoL.
Watch it and Enjoi!
Mind's Eye - Animation

First Submission. ^^

2008-07-18 21:49:40 by SilverStitch

Yay! I posted my first submission today (hope it passes screening)! I'm actually suprised it's an audio submission and not a animation submission, 'cause I'm more of an animator than a musician, but because of my school work, I've had hardly any time to dedicate myself to an animation, and the audio I submitted didn't take too much time to make. Anyways, check it out and enjoy! ^^
EDIT// It took 11 days for it to get on, but its there!