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A New Game!

2014-10-31 19:51:19 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Happy Halloween! :D

While I didn't broadcast it here, a month ago I gave myself a challenge to make a game from start to finish in-between my full-time job. I managed to just complete that goal and submited my game for the Halloween comp! :)

Samantha Wins

An experimental thriller about love, loss and identity featuring much depression, frustration and many glitches.

Now that I've settled into a job and a time schedule, I'm hoping to try to be more productive with game-design and more frequent on NG. :)

All the best!

S.S. Halloween Game

2013-10-28 00:34:17 by SilverStitch

Hey I made another game!

Well to be more precise I finally finished a game I was working on a while ago but kinda forgot about but then remembered again when I noticed Halloween was coming and I thought to myself, "Remember that game you never finished? Want to finish it now?" so I did, the end~
This text is a link and will send you to the game so click me.
You're the best.


Update and Competition

2011-08-17 02:30:19 by SilverStitch

Hello people on Newgrounds!

For the past year and a bit, I have been very busy trying to power through university, but on the side I have still been trying to animate and have spent a great deal of time working on a game that I hope to release by early next-year.
I would also like to inform anyone who has been a fan of my older works to check-out my latest Deviantart post for information for a competition to design a character for the game that I am currently working on!

For more information, click [here].

Thanks everyone!



1000+? <3

2010-04-18 10:35:26 by SilverStitch

Well I just got over 1000 followers which is pretty cool, was a little personal goal of mine.

Anyways, thought I would throw out an update~!

Not much has been happening, nor will much be happening... online! But on my computer I will be busy at work with something that will take me a while to release, so don't hold onto your hats about it, but of course if you really want to check any updates, I tend to upload sketches and concept art onto my deviantArt page every now-and-then, so go check it out!

Much love~


Well that took forever... and by forever I mean less than a week. But it was a very loooong and haaard week at that. Although I was planning the animation months ago, complications arose, and in the end, I had just less than a week to animate the whole thing... TT,,TT


The final part of the Colour series is an animation about the protagonist and the love-interest making a short (3 minute) television broadcast across the city of Black and White to persuade people to re-unite after the fall of the machines when the power was removed during Colour My Fate. Its a little complex... I hope people like it... =S

And yes, it is the final part. I'm leaving this story-line now, it has had its run (a good one at that) but it can't go on. What CAN go on is the world. Given some spare time, who knows what I might do~ ;)
Anyways, go and enjoi~


Colour Medals and History

2010-01-10 01:15:54 by SilverStitch

Firstly the Medals for Colour My Fate are now up and working, sorry for anyone who got confused with release timing. GL and have fun getting them~!

Secondly, just a thanks to Tom for putting Colour My World into the 2009 Flash Portal History, thats REALLY awesome~! =D =D =D

Thanks~! ^,,^

Colour My Fate

2009-12-25 08:39:45 by SilverStitch

It is finally here~!

Colour My Fate, the next episode in the Colour series! And of course every great romance happens on Christmas (I really cut it close though... =,,=;;)!

Anyways, I hope you enjoi the game!

I would relax now, but...

MEDALS! That right I am going to update CMF with MEDALS quite soon so keep your eyes open! =D


King and #5!

2009-11-09 19:38:46 by SilverStitch

WOW! I got King of the Portal for October!
Not only that, but CMW got #5 Best Game and CMD got #10!

I am very happy for everyone who voted on everything, scores and monthly games!
Thanks guys~~

I guess I should keep this up huh? =P


2009-11-03 19:19:13 by SilverStitch

Heys people~
I got interviewed the other day by a fellow Newgrounder, quite a professional job!
Check it out HERE!
Enjoi~ =)

Colour My Dreams Release!

2009-10-30 15:04:07 by SilverStitch

Colour My Dreams, the third game, is DONE! So quickly too 'aye?
But I wanted to release it with Halloween! Which I did! *happy*
Anyways, yes, it is quite dark, but this is only for this one part of the series. I planned this one for a while, and it turned out quite alright.
Also, good-luck with the compass puzzle inside! Well worth it. =)

Aaannyywwaaayys... I should sleep, haven't gotten enough cause I've been workings... >,,<;;