Dev-Diary: Apr17

2017-04-02 03:09:11 by SilverStitch

Hey everybody!
Sorry for posting a day late! Life being life.

I was delightfully productive this past month in a good handful of my various projects!

In the physical game news, I made up a draft of a card game I've been working on, and it tested really well! All the mechanics worked beautifully and the people were happy, can't ask for much else on a first draft! A few more tests and I'll get another draft done up, along with getting the other card games tested.

I've made progress  with my production partner on the graphic novel we're working on, getting a production schedule organised and getting some of over-arching story nailed down. It'll be a while before that comes into fruition, but it'll be worth the wait!

And the Engine Demo progressed nicely! Finally finished that darn NPC area, and I sketched up the next section, Combat! I've structured some of the rooms in-game, but I need to tweak some of the functions before progressing; the requirements for combat in the projects have changed, and as such the engine needs to be updated. Fingers crossed it won't take too long!

April is looking to be a busy month for me generally, but I'll try my best to get as much project work done as possible!

Remember you can get more in-depth and regular updates over at my main website:

Till next time, all the best!


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SilverStitch responds:

Woop woop~!