Dev-Diary: Sep16

2016-08-31 21:25:27 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Dev-Diary time! The past month has been rather fulfilling! I've finally managed to crush a good handful of bugs, including the elusive problems with angled collisions! No more clipping through the ramps for the player! Along-side another handful of other code updates, I've also been building the levels for the demo. I've whipped up a nice batch of visual assets to quickly build my levels with, and I've constructed the collision structure of the free-play area, which is probably the largest area in the game for testing out all manner of player mechanics.

I've also been busy with other work for the projects coming after the demo, including sorting out music, drawing up sketches, and writing out lore. While I won't be posting any of these up any time soon, I'll be including a handful of these in the demo to showcase my project plans, so demo testers will get a glimpse into my future! If you're interested, let me know and I'll put you on the list!

All the best, and remember for updates every 1st and 15th head over to my website:



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2016-08-31 21:58:21

MY COUSIN NAME IS Devon Elyse we call her DEV.... I started writing with a diary .... cool how we make the cartoon and game levels..

SilverStitch responds:

Well thank-you to you and your cousin for all your help! :D