Dev-Diary: Oct16

2016-10-01 18:17:40 by SilverStitch

Heys! Sorry for being a day late...

This past month has been filled up with a couple of things related to my projects. The engine I've been working on specifically has been growing nicely with the demo progressing ever-forward! As usual unfortunately I've had to spend a fair amount of time fixing bugs and issues that pop up outside the original developer environment, which is a good thing because that is exactly what the demo is for!

Demo levels are slowly churning out, some are completely finished which is awesome, others still have quite a fair way to go. Trying to make sure I'm both testing and demonstrating all the important features in a demo without going over-the-top is rather difficult, but it'll get there! It's important to make sure everything gets tested properly! I've also been updating the optimisations so that the game runs smoothly for everyone; from making sure visuals render efficiently, to reducing the processing impact sound-updating causes!

All in all, this demo is taking longer than I thought (I'm not great at estimating time am I...), but it means I can release more stable games, instead of just rushing out a bunch of broken ones. If problems are going to arise, hopefully it will be in the demo and not in something I'm releasing freely to the world!

Remember you can always jump onto the demo tester list, just shoot me a message! And don't forget I update more regularly on my website at:


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