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Dev-Diary: Sep15

2015-09-02 00:11:48 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Gotta keep this brief because I'm about to dash off for a bit!

What have I done now that I have all this free time?
The board game I've been working on is at what could be considered a Beta stage; the game base of the game is finished, it works, and I have a printed copy that I'm going to have friends and groups test to provide feedback. It still has a way to go, especially since board game production is something new to me.
The game engine I'm working on has been going really well! I've been getting back into the swing of everything, and have spent most of my work hours working on NPC functions. Hopefully over the next couple of months I can have the engine completed and begin work on the next game properly!

There's also been a bit of business stuff as well, the social media stuff is progressing but taking time. It's going to be a while before I really get comfortable with this new work process, but I'm loving it and I'm making great progress!
I'll be away for part of this month visiting family, but hopefully I'll be able to get some sketching and writing done while I'm gone!

Till next time, be happy ~~

Dev-Diary: Aug15

2015-08-02 21:53:11 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone,

Firstly, my injuries to my arms have been healing with great speed, my physio just told me I've been making amazing progress! While there will be life-time issues, they are nothing I cannot over-come with persistence and care. *happy!*

Secondly, this month has been kind of productive. Not in the progress of the game engine however, but in the build up to it. Aside from the usual writing and a small animation job I did, I've been preparing to dedicate a lot more time to my game work, particularly this month. Why? Well...

Finally, I quit my job! Having a full time job was alright, and having a steady income was definitely nice, but I'm set on following my passion. For a while now I've been saving my money earned from my work to afford to support my own projects. I believe I have hit that target now, and personally the timing couldn't be better. Starting next week, my occupation will be game developer, working for myself. I'll still need to find some part time work, but if everything goes to plan then this will be my life.

In maybe 2 weeks I will have a website up and I will post up links to the site and various social media, so stay tuned!

I can't fully describe to you how happy I am that I will be able to return to my passion of game design, let's hope everything works out.

Fingers crossed, be happy ~~

Dev-Diary: Jul15

2015-07-01 22:28:46 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately this past month hasn't been great productivity wise, in-fact it is probably my least productive month in a long time. This is in-part due to discovering I have tendinosis in both my arms/wrists. While it isn't anything serious, I'm currently stuck wearing detachable wrist casts (makes typing lots of fun...) and have plenty of stretches and exercises to do to strengthen my tendons. This sucks for the short-term, but since I will be using computers for the majority of my life this is something I need to treat asap.

Also the news I wanted to mention in this post will have to wait till next month due to a technicality... But it will be good! I promise! Nothing much has been happening! But things will be happening soon!

Till then, take care and be happy ~~

Dev-Diary: Jun15

2015-06-04 03:54:03 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone,

Alas I don't have much at all to brag about production-wise this month. It's been a pretty tense month with work getting more strenuous and various other personal reasons.
I managed to patch-up a small handful of bugs and errors, did a little optimisation with the player collisions, and fixed up the climbing-wall so it detects for space at the top and allows the player to climb over if it is clear. Of course there was also the usual sketching and some writing, but nothing worth posting about here.
Sometimes you just don't get much work done, or at least something stops you from getting that work done. But I have a plan that will (hopefully) let me fix that. I should be able to fill you in on that a bit more next month.

Till then, be happy ~~

Dev-Diary: May15

2015-05-03 08:30:50 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Blah late again! This time it was because I wanted something finished before I posted about it.
So while I didn't get as much as I wanted done, I did get some cool things constructed. Firstly, I re-wrote the animation functions! Why? So now I can have massively complicated animation stacks for any number of actors! But why would I want to have multiple actors being animated? Why so I can have different characters all doing different things! But wouldn't that require some sort of NPC programming? Why yes it would mysterious reader! That is why I did exactly that! It definitely needs work, but I've got the structure for NPC programs all coded into my little game. So right now it's just a guy standing and randomly jumping whenever they see fit, but it's the beginning of great possibilities! With a few simple lines of code I could make a character run. I could make them randomly wait around, chase the player, wander aimlessly and possibly question their very existence! The point is though that, even though work and my personal life like to get in the way and delay me horribly, I still have time to occasionally conjure up something like this. I'd like to think that I'll be able to get this done sometime soon, and then be able to re-use the engine to make more games~! Oh also I've been back-and-forth-ing with a musician for the music! It's exciting to be listening to their work, it helps my mind drift off into my project's world.

I did promise you something visual so here it is! My current sketch of the protagonist. The proportions are a little off and it needs a bit more fleshing out (it's a sketch after all), but it helps me visualise the world more when I have his image in my mind running around. [Link!]

Be happy~!

Dev-Diary: Apr15

2015-04-02 00:10:03 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Sorry I'm a day late; birthdays and Easter and work is intense and stuff.
On that note I didn't get as much done this month, though that's also due to an increasing wrist/arm problem I've been getting which I'm finally getting checked out. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious. :)

Anyways, onto things I did actually do! Finally finished all the player's actions! Pretty much everything that has to do with the player is now done (last time I said I was almost done... now I am!). There will most likely be some tweaking, bugs will pop-up (as always) and I'll need to optimise the player for sequencing but for the most part it's done! :D On-top of that I've also got all the ground work for the animation triggers done; focusing on the player at the moment. Even though it's just a handful of stick-figure sketches, the player now animates with smooth transitions between actions (for the most part...). The animation trigger is still being worked on for multiple animation stacks and just generally being smoother, but it's coming together~ :3

Sorry, nothing special about this month's update! I'll try to get something worth-while out for next month.

Be happy~!

Dev-Diary: Mar15

2015-03-01 00:07:02 by SilverStitch

Hello Everyone!

I got quite a lot done this month! :D

Firstly, going to Hong Kong was an incredible experience! I don't really ever get to travel overseas, and for the most part it was just me on the trip. I learned a lot and feel like I grew a lot as well. :) Not only that but I was able to take a few HUNDRED concept photos! The architecture style and, more importantly, the super-urbanisation of Hong Kong is inspirational to the visual design of my current game! Speaking of my current game...

I've made tons of progress this month! Even in-between a job, I think I've finally gotten most of the player motions and physics down. The game is a free-running game so making sure the player can move and act properly and accurately is important. There will probably need to be some tweaking later, but for now it works. That means I can start working on triggers and sequences! Fortunately for me my last game Samantha Wins was all about sequencing triggers, the entire game was essentially a butt-load of sequences, which means that I (hopefully) will be able to breeze through this! :3 I do have to keep in mind that what I'm currently building is just the engine, and the game will be built on top; I'm trying to make an engine that I can adapt into a few games before having to start again. I guess we'll see how it goes!

As promised, I will deliver a screenshot of what the game looks like so far~ [Screen Link]

Be Happy~!

Dev-Diary: Feb15

2015-02-01 00:27:58 by SilverStitch

Hello Everyone!

Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful Holidays and New Years!

Secondly, sorry about the late post but I had a pretty busy end of year and a very crazy start of year. Because of this not much progress was made over the past 2 months... >.<"

However, time to kick it back into gear! I've already started talking to some audio people about the new game, and I've got a nice pile of sketches and notes piling up. All I need to do now is to hurry up and get the work on the game engine done so I can start working on the individual game properly. The difficult thing with the engine is that I'm building it with the intention of re-using it for multiple games. This means that I need to make it adaptable and user-friendly, an added challenge...

In other news I've spontaneously decided to go to Hong Kong next week, woo! This month has been so intense I just need to kinda disappear from my life for a while and take break, get a new perspective. This doesn't mean that I'm going to not pick my game back up, quite the opposite! A lot of the architectural style and urbanisation of Hong Kong is actually an inspiration of the world-design of my new game, so I'll be doing plenty of sketching and photo-taking so that when I come back I will be ready to jump onto it!

I promise next month I'll have some visuals to show you, whether they be boring alpha screenshots or some badly drawn sketches~ :3

Be Happy~~
S.S. ^,,^

Mini-Update: Samatha Comes 4th

2014-12-11 06:47:00 by SilverStitch

Hey people!

Just a thanks to everyone who played, rated and/or reviewed Samantha Wins as it made 4th place for the month in games! This is an over-whelming response to this little game so thank you so much! :D

[This is a link to the game in-case you haven't played it!]

S.S. ^,,^

Dev-Diary: Dec14

2014-12-02 04:31:25 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

For a while now I've been posting monthly updates to deviantArt about my progress in game design. While it was less a way to inform the community of my progress and more a way to keep myself productive, I really grew to enjoying how it kept me constant and active, and I thought I would mirror my ways over to Newgrounds (since you guys deserve just as much love)!

So every month I'm going to link to the original post over at dA, and also leave a little tl;dr post here for those of you who don't want to travel across a single link. The reason I'm posting the larger entries over at dA (for now) is because of how it lets me post screenshots, but that may change~ ;)

[Dec14 Link]

Firstly, thank-you to everyone, especially everyone here at NG, for your amazing response to [Samantha Wins]! Thanks to all your views, reviews and votes I managed to get first place in the Halloween Games 2014 comp! <3

Secondly, I've already begun work on a new game. It will focus on adventure, exploration and free-running and hopefully will release in a few months (currenrly Feb-Mar). I'll post updates about it whenever I can! :)

Thanks everyone! Be happy~~

S.S. ^,,^