Dev-Diary: Mar17

2017-03-03 02:19:45 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

February went by quickly! By now you may have realised I'm working on a number of different projects, some small, some ambitious.

The one which went by the smoothest was the part I had in the animation collaboration I got involved with! It was lovely drawing up and animating a little scene, without the commitment of it going for too long! I'll share the link with you all when the final work is put together, but you can head over to my website (link below) to check out some screenshots of it now~

As always, I've been working on my demo. Been pushing through the NPC testing area slowly, but I'm nearly done! After that it's only a few small areas, some bugs, and a bundle of visuals to fix! Hopefully I can get as much as possible done this month!

I've also started up a new collaboration with a friend of mine, and I'll be focusing mostly on writing the story! It's lovely to focus on just writing again, especially since it's for a world separate to the one in my current projects! Very refreshing and very fun!

Aside from that, work will be returning to my physical game production again with getting back into making some card games, and then hopefully finishing a board game I've had sitting in beta for a while now!

Remember you can get more in-depth and regular updates over at my main website:

Till next time, all the best!


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