Dev-Diary: Nov16

2016-11-01 02:53:06 by SilverStitch

Hello people!

Another month has gone by, and while this month has unfortunately not been as productive due to life and other work, I still got a lot of fixes out of the way, along with a lot of rooms getting completed. It's definitely getting there, and progress is getting easier as I get used to making rooms and writing triggers.

The two biggest patches were the audio update and an AI update:

Positional audio was finally fully optimised to drastically reduce lag. Now, instead of doing many calculations each step, it only runs a single calculation each step with appropriate delay times, which is an adjustable option for people who would still experience lag when set to shorter delays. This is a great fix as when tested on a slower computer, positional audio was the biggest cause for lag.

AI was updated because a small yet game-breaking bug was discovered when the AI master list, a list of all the AI programs which should not change, was changing! (queue spooky music!) This was discovered to be a problem with Flash itself, and after much work a work-around was written in. No more self-adjusting AI!

Aside from a handful of other implementations, the bulk of recent work went into making more rooms to test in, which will be the main work focus till final visuals.

Remember, if you want to be a part of the demo testers, send me a message! And you can always check out my website for more frequent updates and screenshots:
Thanks everyone!


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2016-11-01 19:44:34

I'm super glad the game is coming along well and I absolutely can't wait!

SilverStitch responds:

Gonna try my best to get this done! :D