Dev-Diary: Feb17

2017-01-31 23:52:34 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

So January has been pretty random. The start was slow with a nice pile of computer problems, but I got over them and started doing some lovely creative work!

Not everything was on my demo; I've done some digital graphic work and some short-story writing as well! Just practice stuff, nothing crazy. I've also jumped into a reanimation project to redo a cartoon with a mass of other animators! While my section isn't long or important, I am excited to be working with a bunch of talented folk for a common goal!

With my demo, I've finally managed to update my AI detection system so it takes world collision into account, as well as updated the music functions to be more appropriate for the audio that was composed for my first game.

Remember, you can see longer and more frequent updates over at my main site:

Thanks everyone, all the best~!


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