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Colour My World - Release

2009-10-18 22:17:35 by SilverStitch

Well that took forever... =,,=;;
Its been a LONG hard road, but it seems to be paying off! =D
In a short time plenty of people have already loved it. Ngaww, you guys~~ ^,,^

Anyways, I actually have plans to continue, infact I have for quite sometime, but the next one is slightly different and a bit special. It will be a bit more... hmm... well... I guess you will have to find out for yourself when the time comes~~

Enjoi~~ ^,,^
"Explore your dreams, free your world~"

CmW - Progress

2009-08-02 00:32:54 by SilverStitch

For anyone who is curious about how CmW is going, well, slowly... T,,T
Uni and other commitments have taken over quite a lot, but now I am diverting a lot of time to animating, so progress will speed up! =D
Also, I will post some sketches I did for level designs on my deviant art page within 2 weeks, so you should check them out later. =)
Thanks guys~~

My current project is taking too long.
And I have a schedule to keep....

I'm going to start working on the sequel to CmH;
Colour My World

Heres a drawing I did to get you excited.
Remember to always have hope, and never quit. =)

Change of direction, time for CmW

Real World

2009-05-12 09:58:49 by SilverStitch

I found out that my game 'Colour My Heart' has been leaked onto the Internet. Im glad people think its so great, enough so to steal it, but I don't want this... this really has affected how I feel about posting more works...

Speaking of such, I HAVE been working on animating, just Uni makes it hard...but its getting there. Funny how the title of this post can sort-of relate to my next game. ;)

*Hint hint*

2009-04-02 07:00:54 by SilverStitch

"Throughout Newgrounds history, we have been dependent on Flash to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."

Fan Art

2009-03-27 20:02:54 by SilverStitch

This is a thanks to Felipus for the very nice fan art he drew of CmH! Check it out on his deviantart.
Really makes me want to hurry up and keep animating. >,,<;;

Omg...sry... [Delays Ahead]

2009-03-14 20:55:23 by SilverStitch

Stupid Uni is sooo hard.... T,,T
I should have already relased my next game, but instead, its sitting on just over 3/4 completetion...
I should have already started working on a sequel which I had been planning for CmH... but looks like that will take time as well...
Sry everyone =S

Heres a lil screeny to keep u satisfied till I can find a good enough break in my work.

Omg...sry... [Delays Ahead]

Need background music...

2009-03-02 21:11:48 by SilverStitch

Okay, so Im working on my new game, I've re-designed the code removing the glitches, and started work on the game design itself...
Unfortunately, I have a mental block...and have spent the past 3 days looking all over the Audio Portal for a smooth looping jazzy 'with-a-hint-of-techno' song...Ive come across a couple of songs that arn't bad...but some just don't feel right...
I don't know why this is bothering me, I should just work on my game and worry about music later...

Future Works.

2009-02-22 17:22:19 by SilverStitch

I've just been reading over reviews for all my works, and it seems people are thinking rather highly of them. This is pretty awesome, but I realized that works that I produce in the future are going to have to continue to meet up to people's expectations... =S

Unfortunatetly, Im starting Uni (in like 3 hours) so production will slow a lil, but Im still trying to work on more stuff. My next work isn't like my others, conveying emotion and creativity, but do not fret, for I am have already developed concepts for future works of that sort.

I'll post a bit more info about it all when I've gotten further into it. =)

KC and More

2009-02-15 21:26:48 by SilverStitch

Well, the Killing Collab finally came out. I put my entry in ages ago, not long after Mind's Eye. Its not exactly my style of animating, but it was good for a bit of fun. I think the collab turned out pretty good, but took a lil long...=P
Also, Ive already started work on another game, different from my normal artistic style, but I've also begun brainstroming a sequel for Easter, so I look forward to working on both. =)