S.S. Halloween Game

2013-10-28 00:34:17 by SilverStitch

Hey I made another game!

Well to be more precise I finally finished a game I was working on a while ago but kinda forgot about but then remembered again when I noticed Halloween was coming and I thought to myself, "Remember that game you never finished? Want to finish it now?" so I did, the end~
This text is a link and will send you to the game so click me.
You're the best.



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2013-10-28 02:41:33

Congratulations on the game, it's clever, astute and pleasantly challenging!

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks! That's it, it's meant to be a short little fun game~ Glad you enjoyed it!


2013-10-31 17:50:50

Hey man, great game. Unlike other comments I've seen about it, I think the artwork on it was good. I hope you do some more stuff in the future. I've played those "Colour" games many times through (great games btw), but I always assumed you quit making games a long time ago. Anyways, its great to see fresh stuff again. Happy Halloween ;^)

SilverStitch responds:

Didn't quit, was just... withheld... life outside working on these projects demanded my time. Glad you liked them~!


2013-11-20 23:56:42

Thank you Silverstitch. Ive been playing your games for years and they always touched me. No other game could. I always look forward to the short poetry at the end. I just wanted to tell you how much you've impacted my life and been a role model to me.


2013-12-22 15:41:37

You didn't quit! It's the greatest news I had this year! I really love your games, they touch me (barely made me crying sometimes :). I hope you have the time to made other too :D