Dev-Diary: Aug17 - Flash and Moving On

2017-08-03 01:09:42 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone.

So update time. I'm sure, at least here on Newgrounds, you're aware of the recent announcement Adobe made about cutting Flash support in 2020. (If not, click me!) While this news was something to be expected eventually, it is sooner than anticipated and unfortunate none-the-less.

Sadly, with the deadline set by Adobe, working on my current line of projects is no longer a viable option and I must abandon the Flash-based Monochrome Engine. I am happy that I was able to complete a delightful tech-demo for it, as well as have a good number of my supporters test it. Over the years of working on it, I definitely achieved my goal of learning a lot about both game theory and coding, and hope to apply this knowledge to a new platform.

I will be migrating my planned projects over to Unity, since I have already experimented with it before and it works well for my planned games, and my games will be released as stand-alone.

I have no anticpation of leaving Newgrounds behind, this place has always been both a wonderful community and supply of awesome works, but the games I have been working on will most-likely not find their way here, much to my grief.

For a longer and more detailed explanation of my plans, I have a post available at:

I will continue to update monthly, as well as visit nearly daily to check out whats been happening!

Thank-you everyone for your continued support, and till next time, all the best!



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