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Dev-Diary: Apr17

2017-04-02 03:09:11 by SilverStitch

Hey everybody!
Sorry for posting a day late! Life being life.

I was delightfully productive this past month in a good handful of my various projects!

In the physical game news, I made up a draft of a card game I've been working on, and it tested really well! All the mechanics worked beautifully and the people were happy, can't ask for much else on a first draft! A few more tests and I'll get another draft done up, along with getting the other card games tested.

I've made progress  with my production partner on the graphic novel we're working on, getting a production schedule organised and getting some of over-arching story nailed down. It'll be a while before that comes into fruition, but it'll be worth the wait!

And the Engine Demo progressed nicely! Finally finished that darn NPC area, and I sketched up the next section, Combat! I've structured some of the rooms in-game, but I need to tweak some of the functions before progressing; the requirements for combat in the projects have changed, and as such the engine needs to be updated. Fingers crossed it won't take too long!

April is looking to be a busy month for me generally, but I'll try my best to get as much project work done as possible!

Remember you can get more in-depth and regular updates over at my main website:

Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: Mar17

2017-03-03 02:19:45 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

February went by quickly! By now you may have realised I'm working on a number of different projects, some small, some ambitious.

The one which went by the smoothest was the part I had in the animation collaboration I got involved with! It was lovely drawing up and animating a little scene, without the commitment of it going for too long! I'll share the link with you all when the final work is put together, but you can head over to my website (link below) to check out some screenshots of it now~

As always, I've been working on my demo. Been pushing through the NPC testing area slowly, but I'm nearly done! After that it's only a few small areas, some bugs, and a bundle of visuals to fix! Hopefully I can get as much as possible done this month!

I've also started up a new collaboration with a friend of mine, and I'll be focusing mostly on writing the story! It's lovely to focus on just writing again, especially since it's for a world separate to the one in my current projects! Very refreshing and very fun!

Aside from that, work will be returning to my physical game production again with getting back into making some card games, and then hopefully finishing a board game I've had sitting in beta for a while now!

Remember you can get more in-depth and regular updates over at my main website:

Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: Feb17

2017-01-31 23:52:34 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

So January has been pretty random. The start was slow with a nice pile of computer problems, but I got over them and started doing some lovely creative work!

Not everything was on my demo; I've done some digital graphic work and some short-story writing as well! Just practice stuff, nothing crazy. I've also jumped into a reanimation project to redo a cartoon with a mass of other animators! While my section isn't long or important, I am excited to be working with a bunch of talented folk for a common goal!

With my demo, I've finally managed to update my AI detection system so it takes world collision into account, as well as updated the music functions to be more appropriate for the audio that was composed for my first game.

Remember, you can see longer and more frequent updates over at my main site:

Thanks everyone, all the best~!

Dev-Diary: Jan17

2017-01-03 05:34:49 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

So, for those of you who aren't following me on my big ol' developer website, December was a hiatus month for me while I dealt with some personal occurrences. There's still some lingering issues, but it's definitely time to get back into work. Though as such, I have no progress to update you on!

With the new year starting up though I am getting back into it, hopefully stronger than ever. I have a new deadline to stick to and, with a little luck, I'll be able to get the demo done on time.

Unfortunately, because of the hiatus, I have nothing proper to post up here this month. There's a bit more detail on my main website, as well as a new showreel for the new year (which includes some footage from the demo!) so you can always go there for a bit more of a read. Link:

Thanks everyone, all the best!

Dev-Diary: Dec16

2016-12-02 00:19:01 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone! Last update of the year outside of my main website!

Unfortunately the a lot of personal stuff came up over the past month so production slowed down a lot. What was going to be a Christmas release for the demo is looking more like a January - February release. Apologies to the testers who have been waiting, but I'll try to get it polished and completed asap!

The progress itself on the demo, while slow, has been continuing! I've completed all the test areas for Triggers and am currently working on the AI and NPCs area. The Triggers area was definitely the largest part of the demo, so it's great to have that completed. Alongside bug fixes and other updates, I've also been working with my composer for the first proper project getting the soundtrack done, and I have to say it's already sounding amazing! We've worked on some drafts before but we're getting close to a finished product.

Remember, if you want to be a part of the demo testers, send me a message! And you can always check out my website for more frequent updates and screenshots:
Thanks everyone!

Dev-Diary: Nov16

2016-11-01 02:53:06 by SilverStitch

Hello people!

Another month has gone by, and while this month has unfortunately not been as productive due to life and other work, I still got a lot of fixes out of the way, along with a lot of rooms getting completed. It's definitely getting there, and progress is getting easier as I get used to making rooms and writing triggers.

The two biggest patches were the audio update and an AI update:

Positional audio was finally fully optimised to drastically reduce lag. Now, instead of doing many calculations each step, it only runs a single calculation each step with appropriate delay times, which is an adjustable option for people who would still experience lag when set to shorter delays. This is a great fix as when tested on a slower computer, positional audio was the biggest cause for lag.

AI was updated because a small yet game-breaking bug was discovered when the AI master list, a list of all the AI programs which should not change, was changing! (queue spooky music!) This was discovered to be a problem with Flash itself, and after much work a work-around was written in. No more self-adjusting AI!

Aside from a handful of other implementations, the bulk of recent work went into making more rooms to test in, which will be the main work focus till final visuals.

Remember, if you want to be a part of the demo testers, send me a message! And you can always check out my website for more frequent updates and screenshots:
Thanks everyone!

Dev-Diary: Oct16

2016-10-01 18:17:40 by SilverStitch

Heys! Sorry for being a day late...

This past month has been filled up with a couple of things related to my projects. The engine I've been working on specifically has been growing nicely with the demo progressing ever-forward! As usual unfortunately I've had to spend a fair amount of time fixing bugs and issues that pop up outside the original developer environment, which is a good thing because that is exactly what the demo is for!

Demo levels are slowly churning out, some are completely finished which is awesome, others still have quite a fair way to go. Trying to make sure I'm both testing and demonstrating all the important features in a demo without going over-the-top is rather difficult, but it'll get there! It's important to make sure everything gets tested properly! I've also been updating the optimisations so that the game runs smoothly for everyone; from making sure visuals render efficiently, to reducing the processing impact sound-updating causes!

All in all, this demo is taking longer than I thought (I'm not great at estimating time am I...), but it means I can release more stable games, instead of just rushing out a bunch of broken ones. If problems are going to arise, hopefully it will be in the demo and not in something I'm releasing freely to the world!

Remember you can always jump onto the demo tester list, just shoot me a message! And don't forget I update more regularly on my website at:

Dev-Diary: Sep16

2016-08-31 21:25:27 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

Dev-Diary time! The past month has been rather fulfilling! I've finally managed to crush a good handful of bugs, including the elusive problems with angled collisions! No more clipping through the ramps for the player! Along-side another handful of other code updates, I've also been building the levels for the demo. I've whipped up a nice batch of visual assets to quickly build my levels with, and I've constructed the collision structure of the free-play area, which is probably the largest area in the game for testing out all manner of player mechanics.

I've also been busy with other work for the projects coming after the demo, including sorting out music, drawing up sketches, and writing out lore. While I won't be posting any of these up any time soon, I'll be including a handful of these in the demo to showcase my project plans, so demo testers will get a glimpse into my future! If you're interested, let me know and I'll put you on the list!

All the best, and remember for updates every 1st and 15th head over to my website:


Dev-Diary: Aug16

2016-08-01 01:15:49 by SilverStitch

Hey everyone!

So just a quick heads up, I'm slowly migrating my posting and updates (including the Developer Diary) over to my website:
Head over there for more complete and frequent updates!

So working on the demo for the engine has been going well, though bugs have popped up now that I'm working outside the developer environment, particularly with physics. However, progress is still being made and bugs are being crushed beneath my boot of coding!

Don't forget, if you want to be a tester for the demo, shoot me a message and I'll add you to the list! :D

All the best,


Hey everyone!

I did it! I finished the game engine!
I mean, sure, there are a couple of bugs lying around and a couple of small features exclusive to future projects missing, but for what it needs to be, it's done!


It's taken almost 2 years!
Anyways, over the next month I will be doing a couple of things, focusing mostly on business and pre-production:
- Building a demo environment for testers and other demonstration purposes.
- Setting up my website to migrate there.
- Finishing up the pre-production of the first project.

On this note, I need people to test my engine.
I'm going to make a demo environment, fill it with plenty of mechanics to play around with. I need people to load it up, and try to break it.
I'm sure there are plenty of things I've forgotten, or things I may have completely over-looked, so I need a fresh set of eyes to mess around in my world.
If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll let you know when the demo is ready and how to access it.

Aside from that, hope you're all doing fantastically! :D


[Here is a little screenshot compilation to show off!]