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Colour My World - Release

Posted by SilverStitch - October 18th, 2009

Well that took forever... =,,=;;
Its been a LONG hard road, but it seems to be paying off! =D
In a short time plenty of people have already loved it. Ngaww, you guys~~ ^,,^

Anyways, I actually have plans to continue, infact I have for quite sometime, but the next one is slightly different and a bit special. It will be a bit more... hmm... well... I guess you will have to find out for yourself when the time comes~~

Enjoi~~ ^,,^
"Explore your dreams, free your world~"

Comments (32)

It is awesome! A sequel would be more than highly apreciated. I see you worked hard on it but it was a total succes. I like your style. :)

Hehe, thank-you~
I hope you enjoi my other works. =)

congrats on your 1# daily see if you can get a weekly yet, as always intrested in your work so diffrent is always going to be good as long as you are at the helm


(i will keep chasing up that other project, it looked too good to miss)

Dw, I don't plan on quitting that other one out yet~

Damn dude i played......it.......it........was touching man

Thanks~~ ^,,^

I have played both of your monochrome games today and I'm truly impressed. Simple yet interesting experience with fantastic music (at some point I thought that it was just music and the story that made the games touching; which I find very interesting :)).

Good luck with your future project(s).

Hehe, thank-you~!
Im glad you liked them~ ^,,^

"It's been a LONG hard road, complete with two balls!"

(sincerely) I haven't watched much of your stuff but can you actually draw or are stickmen the best you can do? I really enjoyed your "color" games. The message it gives is very powerful and a testament to the power of the imagination. Good job.

Umm.... thanks...?

I LOVED IT, but I'm a girl. Music was wonderful and story line was nice. Good luck in your future adventures.

Hehe, thanks~~!

your creations are simply genius,il be following them,rating ect.
keep up the good work.

Vote high~~ =3 hehe ^,,^

Wow that was heart warming. I loved all of your games. I'll be looking forward to your upcoming games. Keep it up :)

I look forward to finishing my future works~

I left you a review but I love it. I loved the other one too. Great work good sir.

*cookie for you*

Hehe, thanks~ I read all reviews but past 100 is too many to reply too >,,<;;
Yay cookie~! =D =D

I really enjoyed Colour My World, it was very touching, and very soothing. Your style seems a bit similar to something I'm working on, and it's going to make me feel like I'm ripping you off in some aspects, or appear that way, anyways. :P

LoL, don't worry, I'll keep that in mind~
Thanks~! ^,,^

Because the Review Space is not enough for me, I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your &quot;Colour&quot; series. They are really, really beautiful :)
And I can't wait to show them to my girlfriend...

Just by the way, by seeing your medals, I really can't imagine you playing like a freak Madness Acelerant or Miami Shark XD
(well, what the heck, WE did!)

Hehe, thank you~~ ^,,^

And about the medals... well... they are MEDALS! =D
So shiney and pretty! Must get them~! ^,,^

I loved the Color My World :3 very heart-touching in the end
and may I ask, did you make it or did ya find it somewhere? I wanna know who be my new fav poetry artist x]

Everything in the animations, and all my works, is written by me~
So, yes, I wrote the ending quotes~~ ^,,^

Congratulations! This game have something special, something so unusual in flash games. We can call it art, or magic :)

Both are good~! ^,,^
(and can sometimes be the same thing~~)

You are truly an amazing animator! Simple but beautiful games that you've come up with and I hope that you keep it up.

Thanks~~ ^,,^

i love your work add mee! XD

Hehe, thanks.

Very nice and poetic game. I enjoyed every little moment of it. Coin did an excellent job with the music!

Thanks you very much~
yes he did~! ^,,^

thank you.

Thank-YOU~! =D

The only person who could ever make the initials SS become something positive.
Both of your games, Colour my Heart and Colour my World are beyond description with our vocabulary.
Thank you!
Thank you for being the brilliant artist you are.


Thanks~~ ^,,^
Im glad you liked my games so much and hope you enjoi future works~!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your amazing work, as well as some well deserved recognition with getting the Daily &amp; Weekly First. Way to go.
However, I can't help but feel that your &quot;Colo(u)r My World&quot; is vastly over-rated and is not deserving of such hugh praise. It was obscenely identical to your other work &quot;Colo(u)r My Heart&quot;, and added virtually no new wrinkles for gameplay and a practically identical message to the viewer. I can't fathom why reviewers gave it such astronomically higher scores than your first work, but alas it happens. When I logged in to see it had garnered such high praises, I was simpily dumbfounded.
HOWEVER, the only reason I tell you this here and now is because I've already expressed some views in a review, and felt the need to say in so many words why I believe your piece is over-rated.
I disgress though, I don't mean to come at you with all negative. It was yet again another masterfully well put together piece of interactive art, with well fitting music and like. A job well done, I hope to see something a little more original in the future, but still, keep up the great work.
Have a great day, keep up the phenomenal work.

I know my work is over-rated, but it is not my choice to put it as such. I didn't even believe Colour my Heart would do well, I just made it for someone for a gift, but alas, people seem to like my expression of emotion.
On the point of originality and adding new features, Colour my World can be seen as an updated version of the original (in some aspects). I do not plan to simply retain what I already have an hope it works everytime I make a game. I have been collecting feed-back (such as yours) to help improve aspects of future games to make them more interesting and enjoiable.
Thank-you for your input, thanks, and support.

Very simple, yes, but it's very touching in its simplicity. I think adding too much would have cluttered it considerably and unnecessarily. I loved it. If you ever need vocals (singing or voice acting) for a menu theme or...anything, really, let me know.

Thank you very much~ =D
I shall consider you for voice-acting should I ever need it. =)

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